BABY LINESBaby Lindo, Baby Fresh, Baby Anett, Baby Camy

Wet wipes for babies

Four different lines of products dedicated to babies: a practical help at nappy’s change and for the daily hygiene, useful everywhere. Discover our soft baby wipes, alcohol and parabens free.


WOMEN CAREValentina Make-up, Valentina Intimate Wipes

Make-up remover and intimate wipes

The products thought for women: a simple daily action to take care of your face and body. Light and delicate fragrance, moisturizing lotion to respect all types of skin, even most sensitive ones.


BODY CAREFreshness refresher, Freshness Wet Toilet PaperStenago Hand Sanitizer

Wet wipes for the body

On holiday, at work and whenever you are out of home, the wet wipes for the body will be a useful help every time that you need to refresh. .

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HOUSEHOLD CLEANINGCasaclean Multipurpose, Casaclean Glasses, Casaclean Floors, Casaclean Furniture, Casaclean Parquet

Wet wipes for the household cleaning

You've never had so much fun in the cleaning of your home: discover all wet wipes thought to let every corner of your home shine in a flash. .

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CAR CLEANINGAutoclean Windshields, Autoclean Dashboard

Wet wipes for the car

Would you like the windshields and dashboard of your car to be always shining? Now it is very easy with antistatic and polishing wipes specific for car interiors. .

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Wet wipes for pets

We care also about your four-footed friends: Thanks to the wet wipes for dogs, cats and other pets, their coat will be always shining and scented. .

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Endless freshness always at hand

Find out every detail of the new pack that can have up to 200 wet wipes. This kind of new pack is patent pending and is available also for clients' private labels.

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PRIVATE LABELTailor made products

Private label production

Further to Stenago Group’s products, we manufacture also many other types of wipes, customized according to clients' needs. Discover all services and products that we offer to our clients for their private label, or click here to ask for an offer.

Discover the world of private label