Our experience at your service
Since 25 years we are leaders in Italy for the production of wet wipes for all purposes: cosmetic wet wipes for face and body, for the house and car cleaning, for the hygiene of pets.
Since always with our experience we support clients who choose Stenago Group for the production of wet wipes, giving them advises in every step of the development of a product. With our experience we can help you in taking the right decisions in a market that we know very well. We can choose the right lotion, the best suitable packaging… together we can create an innovating and functioning product for you.

The winning strategy
Would you like to find out more about the production of wet wipes? We are ready to help you! Stenago Group makes available to you a wide range of lotions already tested and verified on the market, from which you can start creating your original product. In the same way, we can develop your wet wipes starting from your idea or from an already existing product: for example we can create wet wipes for babies enriched with a moisturizing lotion or scented with your favourite fragrance.
Choosing the right components is not difficult if you have the right partner that helps you step by step: the professionals of Stenago Group already know which are the winning combinations, the problems to avoid, the latest regulations and trends of our field in Italy and abroad. In our laboratories you will find expert people ready to give you advises.

Salviettine imbevute

The services we thought for you
It’s not easy to walk among the regulations that concern the production of wet wipes, we are aware of this. For this reason our laboratories and our professionals are set at your disposal to let you save time and avoid unpleasant complications. We give you an example of procedures and tests that we can do for you:

  • Patch test: skin contact allergy test
  • Challenge test: evaluate the efficiency of preservatives in the product
  • Accelerated aging tests and tests to proof the compatibility of components and materials
  • Compilation of P.I.F.: we edit the Product Information File, compulsory for all cosmetic products according to EU-Regulations, and we keep it at disposal of the competent authorities that would eventually ask for it
  • Notification to CPNP portal: notification to the European portal, compulsory for every company before it places a cosmetic product on the market

Successful stories
Different kinds of packaging and of fabrics, lotions for many purposes, sizes thought for all needs: the combination possibilities for the customization are infinite.
Our cutting-edge machinery is continuously improved and implemented. New products and sizes are included day by day in our catalogue: thanks to the partnership with our customers we can launch successful products on Italian and foreign markets.

Further to the products we manufacture under our registered trademarks, here below you can find some examples of what we can realize.
Do you need a more specific product? Contact us and tell us which are your requirements. For us it’s always a great pleasure to accept a new challenge and to find once again an innovating solution!

Types of packaging
Glossy or matt foil
Plastic canister or flow pack
With anti-drying plastic lid or with re-sealable label

Different sizes: different amounts and dimensions of the wipes
Discover everything about our new maxi value pack with 200 wipes. Find out more

Facial cleansing wipes
Make-up removing wipes specific for all kinds of skin (oily, dry, sensible, mature)
Effectively remove all traces even of waterproof makeup
Purifying or astringent action
Enriched with moisturizing or tonic lotion
Exfoliating wipes

Wet wipes for body care
Refreshing wet wipes with moisturizing cream
Peeling wipes
Biodegradable and flushable wipes
Feminine wipes
Deodorizing wipes
Sanitizing wipes for hands and body
Insect repellent wipes
Wipes to clean eyeglasses
Wet toilet paper

Wet wipes for babies
Wet wipes for nappies change, also for sensitive skin
Enriched with aloe vera, argan oil, emollient lotion, cream or different extracts

Wet wipes for household cleaning
Wet cloths for the cleaning of floors, glasses and mirrors, furniture and parquet, etc.
Hygienic action for the toilet and all hard surfaces
Specific for the oven, the microwave or the fridge
Stain remover wipes for fabrics and carpets

Wet wipes for car and motorbike
Antistatic and polishing wipes for dashboard and car glasses
For the cleaning of fabrics and leather seats
To remove insects from the helmet visor or from the windshield

Wet wipes for pets
Wet wipes for dogs, cats and all pets of small, medium and large size; leave the coat shining
Delicate cleansing wipes for eyes and ears of pets
Enriched with antibacterial lotion
Antibacterial action for kennels, dog and cat carriers and fabrics

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