2015 is the year of birth of the new size of pack for wet wipes: Stenago Group designs a new value pack, patent pending. Original and exclusive, it represents a real news on the wet wipes market.

The design of this new pack began when Agostino Stenta realized that the old plastic canister was no more actual as for the cost and the environmental impact. He strongly believed in a new pack, bigger than the usual ones, that could grant a cost saving and a product stock that lasts.

The challenge was to create a new pack with a big amount of wet wipes: a space and cost saving pack, a value pack that could grant the same quality of the traditional packs. Here began the design phase, during which we tested all possible solutions and combinations: Agostino Stenta and his staff had to find the best sizes and packaging types, choose among different qualities of non-woven, test the functionality of the different possible kinds of closing systems.


Nuovo formato fino a 200 salviette

Once the product characteristics had been defined, much time was dedicated also to the implementation of the machines. Traditional machinery was not suitable for the production of the new pack, it was necessary to build new ones.

After two years of tests and sampling, the new value pack finally came into being, and it arouses great interest both in Italy and abroad. It’s perfect for the daily use: Baby Lindo and Baby Fresh are suitable for example at nappies change time; CasaClean multipurpose wipes are perfect for the cleaning of large surfaces and you cannot miss Charly wipes for your four-footed friends.

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The value pack of wet wipes developed by Stenago Group is an absolute news: it’s not simply an evolution of the old plastic canister, but a completely new concept. The flow pack with anti-drying plastic lid is namely more compact, more economic, practical and eco-friendly.

All the advantages of the new pack:

  • Considerable cost-saving: a bigger amount of wipes can reduce the cost per unit
  • More flexibility: up to 200 wet wipes, and you can customize the length and the kind of non-woven
  • More convenience: easy opening system and anti-drying plastic lid to keep freshness for a long time
  • Eco-friendly: less plastic, lighter and more ecological than plastic canisters

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Salviettine umidificate