2014 is the year Zero for Stenago Group. Agostino Stenta and his staff design the structure of the new plant, according to the specific needs of the production of wet wipes. The laboratory, the warehouse and the production area are created “ad hoc” and become the ideal place where ideas grow and develop into successful products.
The entire workflow, from the planning to the packing, is rationalised and this reflects in more efficiency, more precision in the programming and in saving time and resources. Storing and handling of raw materials and finished products are easier, operators can better communicate among them and they can check more efficiently the inventory.
Thanks to the experience grew in more than 20 years, professionals of Stenago Group can avoid mistakes made in the past, optimize the production of wet wipes and strengthen the quality control, reducing the risk of errors and manufacturing defects.

cisterne inox del laboratorio

The laboratory for the mixing and testing of formulations was completely designed by Agostino Stenta and his staff, the same people who developed very modern safety and disinfection systems.
Furthermore, the production lines are constantly implemented to make them more flexible, and in some cases the company Management draws and builds new equipment aimed to realise new formulations, sizes and types of products.

The new facilities of Stenago Group are the ideal location for the professionals who work there, the perfect place where every day they can test, invent and create new products, where they can study the most efficient solutions for clients’ needs and the answers to the newest regulations, especially in the cosmetic field.

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salviettine umidificate

Salviettine umidificate