Stenago Group was born from Agostino Stenta’s experience as founder of Stenago S.r.l., leading industry in the production of wet wipes since 25 years.

At the end of 1991, Agostino Stenta decided to invest in the at that time emerging wet wipes market, funding the company Stenago S.r.l.. It was a real bet because at that time in Italy there was only another manufacturer in this field. The only kind of wet wipes known by consumers were the multipurpose-refreshing ones and the only kind of pack used was the plastic canister.

Since the very beginning of the activity, thanks to the cooperation with big European chains as customers, Stenago grows quickly and begins to operate also in international markets, becoming quickly one of the most known brands of wipes in different countries such as Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Czech Republic, among others.

Stenago Group

In 2014 the new challenge of Stenago Group starts from a new plant, where we could put in practice the 25-years-old experience in the implementation and installation of cutting-edge machineries. It’s a completely new facility, where we can create innovating products and original packages.

This is for example the case of the new product, a patent pending type of pack, a flow pack in the maxi size “family pack”, economic pack.

During the years, the company managed by Agostino Stenta could widen its offer to satisfy the continuously new requests of the market: from the first refreshing, multipurpose wipes in the canisters to the re-sealable flow pack in many different sizes, “greener” products, less expensive for the production and the transport.

The participation in the most important fairs gave the company a wide, international perspective, so that we could be one of the first manufacturers in Italy to introduce different types of wet wipes for many purposes: baby hygiene at nappies change time, makeup removing, for the whole body and – last but not least – wet wipes for the household cleaning, for the automotive market and for the cleaning of pets fur.

Nowadays the 25 years experience of Stenago Group is daily dedicated to innovation and stays at clients’ disposal: the know-how of the Management and of the collaborators working for the company since ten years or more looks everyday for new solutions and innovating raw materials. Would you like more information? Contact us now, we are at your disposal!